Henry Ford Innovation Institute Announces Winners In Digital Health Challenge | Business Wire

Current monitoring devices for nocturnal hypoglycemia, an event when a patients blood sugar http://www.paulforsythe.org drastically drops overnight, can be cumbersome and subject patients to possible pain, bleeding, infection and recurring costs. To solve this, Sweet Dreams uses wearable sensor to detect the vital signs associated with low blood sugar and alerts the patient, waking them up so they can address the problem. The challenge was made possible with the generous support of the William Davidson Foundation through the newly created Davidson Center for Entrepreneurs in Digital Health. The center seeks to train top talent in the Detroit area to become leaders in the field of digital health and to accelerate the development of next generation healthcare technologies. The demand for innovation in healthcare is greater than in any other industry in the country right now, says Scott Dulchavsky, M.D., Ph.D., CEO of the Henry Ford Innovation Institute. The Davidson Fellowship not only offers a unique opportunity for personal development among the participants, but also serves as a catalyst for finding solutions to some of our biggest unsolved healthcare problems. About Henry Ford Innovation Institute The Henry Ford Innovation Institute is the flagship program of Henry Ford Health Systems commitment to innovation.
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