The Small Business Report

The holiday shopping season is just around the corner, and these apps , designed to coordinate multichannel selling, can help e-tailers make the most of the annual consumer rush. Entrepreneurship How do you define your success? That’s an important question because, according to Gene Marks, president of The Marks Group, how entrepreneurs define success is the source of their optimism. And, as it turns out, a recent study shows that entrepreneurs have good reason to be optimistic. Even the most optimistic entrepreneur cant avoid uncertainty in business. No crystal ball reveals events that come flying out of left fieldthings like economic downturns, illness or injury, and mercurial consumer tastes. All you can do is take a page out of the Boy Scout guide and be prepared (for uncertainty).
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Yakima Herald Republic | Yakima County prosecutor candidates differ in focus for office

We should make sure that we are spending those resources on removing the worst of the worst of our community. Brusic, on the other hand, considers all crime as equally important, and believes there is much more to running the office than tackling serious cases. Running a law office with 12 employees in his private practice, he said, has taught him to multi-task, be mindful of morale and practice efficiency. The prosecutor has 80 people to oversee, has other departments to work with, an office to manage, Brusic said. Turnover in deputy prosecutors has long been a problem, and often results in young, inexperienced attorneys taking serious, complex cases. And thats been a problem as long as Ive been a prosecutor, Clements said. Clements wants to build an elite A-team of career deputy prosecutors, pay them a salary comparable to what other governments of similar size pay, and empower them to run with ideas like he did with the gang unit. He said a recent study conducted by the county shows that mid-level deputy prosecutors here are paid anywhere from 20 to 30 percent less than other large counties.
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