How To Structure Your Company’s It To Achieve Business Goals


The right tools: Empowering employees Image: Flickr, Lars Plougmann The goal is to boost productivity, strengthen morale and make more time for in-house teams to do what they do best. Technology is an avenue that can take business leaders toward those results. “Finding the right technical tools has helped our business function like a well-oiled machine,” says Lenny Verkhoglaz , chief executive officer at Executive Care , a home healthcare company. With 11 offices in four states, Verkhoglaz is making IT-level decisions surrounding the software that now assists in all of the accounting necessary for each location. A custom-built solution ended up being the right approach for Executive Care. “We focus so much on operations, making sure our clients are treated to the best care available, that finding software packages to help in this arena and then scaling them to fit the demands of our business has helped decrease the time it takes to complete payroll and billing,” he says.
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District Line Daily: Roads More Traveled – City Desk

[ Post ] A body found in Prince George’s County is believed to be that of former D.C. treasurerLasanaMack, who was reported missing on Sept. 15. Officials say the death appears to be a suicide. [ News4 ] CouncilmemberVince Orange says the District is shortchanging small business owners by more than $1 billion.[ Post ] RECENT CITY PAPER STORIES TO HELP YOU MAKE SENSE OF YOUR DAY: Pay Up: Another stripper says Stadium Club has not paid her any wages for her work at the club. The Real Deal: Indigineous artist and performerGregg Deal’slatest performance, “Redskin,” premiers atArt All Nightat 7 p.m. this Saturday.
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